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Global Medical Care™ Insurance


Best Doctors Global Medical Care is a unique and comprehensive health insurance policy that gives you immediate access to the best medical care (leading hospitals, cutting edge treatments and drugs, and top physicians) anywhere in the world, allowing you to follow your desired healthcare path. Standard benefits include 100% coverage for hospitalization (room and physician fees), surgery and outpatient surgery, emergency room services,
diagnostic services, and cancer treatment. Also standard are: maternity care, transplants, air ambulance, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and other healthcare costs including prescription drugs and medical equipment. You can choose an annual deductible of $250 up to $20,000. After the deductible, all medical expenses are paid at 100%.
Global Medical Care is available to employers and individuals that seek to complement their provincial health coverage, EHC or Critical Illness plans with personal medical support, immediate empowerment, global access and total peace of mind. As a medical insurance plan, Global Medical Care is not taxable to you and you may be eligible to deduct premiums paid as a health expense.
Timely access to care has become a greater challenge for Canadians. Lengthy wait times for diagnostic tests can delay confirmation of a diagnosis. Once the test results are available it can take months to see a specialist and have surgery, if needed. The combined period from initial diagnosis to treatment can exceed 26 weeks in some cases.
Besides long delays to be referred, seen and treated by a specialist, gaps can exist in medical coverage, such as when a medical treatment, surgery or prescription drug has been approved in another country (e.g. the United States), but are not yet available in Canada.
With Global Medical Care™, members can avoid many of these challenges and
have immediate access to the most advanced medical treatment. Members can
choose to travel anywhere in the world for treatment (no referral from a Canadian physician is required). You can get timely treatment for orthopedic surgery, hip and knee replacement surgery, cardiac conditions etc. If you choose to leave Canada for treatment, Best Doctors Insurance will work with you and a Canadian medical team to facilitate continuation of care once you return home. And if you choose to receive treatment in Canada, our dedicated clinical team will support you in getting medical appointments and the right tests, finding the right specialist, obtaining the right treatment and coordinating all your care.
Benefits to Individuals and Families:


  • $5,000,000 per member in lifetime coverage.
  • Access to diagnostics (MRI, CT scans, other) usually in less than a week.
  • Prescription drug coverage (including 100% coverage during hospitalization).
  • Immediate access to the best treatment facilities across the world.
  • Personalized support by Best Doctors Registered Nurses, ensuring you receive the medical information and guidance you need to move forward with confidence.
  • Access to Best Doctors’ unique services including InterConsultation®, Concierge™ (a VIP service which helps you coordinate hotel bookings, travel arrangements, medical appointments and translation services) and Elite Navigator™ (allows you access to a personal physician advocate who will help you interpret diagnosis examinations, and medical checkup results).
Benefits to Employers:
  • Tailor made insurance plan to fit your needs and your budget
  • Improve employee attraction, satisfaction and retention
  • Lower absenteeism rates
  • Positively impact short- and long-term disability costs
  • Decrease employee concerns, anxieties and other productivity pressures
  • Reduce the risks of misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment plans, unwarranted surgery, poorly managed chronic conditions, and unnecessary drugs, doctor’s visits and hospital stays
  • Integrate easily with your other HR benefits for even greater value

To learn more about Global Medical Care, please contact:
Jaimie Foncea
Active Insurance & Financial Group
897 Kipling Ave., Toronto, ON M8Z 5H3
Phone: (647) 943-0427